Change begins with a movement

Designed for the planet, engineered for the way you move. 

Living in a climate-changed, plastic-clogged, Covid-crazed world has left many of us wondering, can we still make a difference?

At Baliston, we believe the answer is a bold, “Yes, we can!” starting with choices as simple as which shoes we wear.

Our Mission:

Revolutionize footwear by introducing a new shoe experience that embraces both planetary and personal health.

Baliston’s innovative, intentional design approach factors in every aspect of the shoe experience, from its styling and materials, to embracing connected tech that provides health insights and goal setting.

How are we doing it?

By partnering with Philippe Starck, a world-renowned designer who sets the bar for balancing form and function.

By believing that recycled materials alone won't solve the waste problem; instead, that circularity–recyclingrather than the elimination of waste–is the path forward.

By understanding that leading an active, healthy lifestyle improves our ability to take on challenges, whether personal or planetary.

Baliston was founded by footwear, tech, and ecommerce veterans highly experienced in successfully bringing products to life.

Based in California with an international team spanning France, Luxembourg, and Germany, we share a passion for solving problems and making a positive thinking.

We set out to build a new shoe experience, one that can spark a change toward planet.

We worked with one of the world’s top design minds for a reason

To create a new shoe experience, especially one offering a stunning visual design paired with innovative new technology, we worked with the best designer in the world for the task, Philippe Starck.

Starck’s industrial design company, Ubik, and his variety of projects have yielded a fascinating and eclectic mix of designs. From architecture to furniture, yachts and motorcycles to a mix of technology devices, Starck approaches every project with a fresh perspective that balances form and function.

To learn more about Baliston’s work with Philippe Starck and our mission, visit our Mission page.

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