New Release: Baliston Connect™ - Revolutionize Your Walking Experience

Welcome to a new era of walking intelligence! We're thrilled to announce the latest update to our Baliston Connect™ app. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a complete overhaul in how you experience and interact with your walking data. Communicating seamlessly with our sensor modules, the new Baliston Connect brings your walking stats to life in real-time. Now, you're not just tracking steps; you're embarking on an exciting journey of self-discovery and improvement. Our latest features let you delve into the minutiae of your unique walking DNA – from fine-tuning your stride length to perfecting your propulsion.


1. Live View: Insights in Motion

Our Today screen has been reimagined to offer a more informative and visually stimulating experience. With two new views- Progress and Live - you're in for a treat.

Get ready to see your walking data like never before. In Live, every stride is tracked and analyzed in real time. You can now see the immediate impact of small adjustments, empowering you to understand your walk like never before, and watch as each step becomes a step toward peak walking health and efficiency.


Live Walking Quality Score : Watch your score, as well as the contributing sub-metrics, change as you walk with intuitive color-coding for instant understanding.

Speed and Cadence: Updated in the smallest increments for the most accurate data, color-coded for immediate feedback.

Activity Tracking: Real-time steps, distance, stairs, minutes of intense activity, and calories burned.


2. A Fresh Look at Your Daily Progress: The New Today Screen

The Progress View: Your summary for the day, this view displays key metrics in an easy-to-understand format.

Your Walking Quality Score average for the day is the star here, with color coding (Red, Orange, Green) to easily gauge your performance so far today.

Activity Progress: showing your steps, stairs climbed, and minutes of intense activity, tracked against your personal goals. The dynamic rings fill up as you inch closer to your goals, changing colors as you exceed your goals! Plus, you can rearrange your metrics based on what you want to focus on most.


3. Enhanced Walking Quality Score: In-Depth Insights and Intuitive Color Chart

The Walking Quality Score evaluates your walking technique by analyzing your biomechanical data, helping identify improvements or potential health concerns.

The Baliston Connect app's update introduces significant improvements to the Walking Quality Score metrics report:


Deeper Insights: The Walking Quality Score now delves deeper, providing key takeaways for a comprehensive understanding of your walking performance.

Color-Coded Performance Chart: A new color chart featuring red, orange, and green segments offers an instant visual gauge of your walking quality over a day, week, month and year.

Left and Right Foot Metric Cards: Easily toggle or swipe on each metric analysis to see any differences between your right and left feet.

Expandable Observations and Recommendations: A simple tap on the arrow at the bottom of each metric card provides in-depth analysis and personalized advice on that metric.


4. Improved Personal Gait Scan Report: A New Visual Experience

The Personal Gait Scan provides a comprehensive assessment of your unique walking profile, analyzing metrics from your full gait cycle and specific stance and swing phases.

In our quest to provide you with the most comprehensive walking analysis, we've revamped the Personal Gait Scan Report in the Baliston Connect app. This update brings a fresh perspective to understanding your gait and walking health.


New Visuals: Updated with innovative icons and redesigned graphs for easier interpretation of your walking data.

Shared with the new Walking Quality Score reports: deeper insights, left and right foot metric cards, and expandable observations and recommendations

The latest update to the Baliston Connect app gives users a clearer understanding of their walking patterns, even in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions about improving their overall health and walking quality. Whether you're monitoring daily progress or delving into the specifics of your gait, the Baliston Connect app is your comprehensive guide to smarter, healthier walking.

Don’t see the new app updates yet?

No problem! Keep regularly using your shoes and the Baliston Connect app together. While you are using your shoes and actively using the app, a new software update will be applied to the sensor modules in your shoes, unlocking the new real-time data and other features in the app!

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