Think about it–every move forward begins with our feet. What if our feet could communicate with us? Could they tell us how to move to improve our health, reduce fatigue, pain, and prevent injury?

Thanks to Baliston’s revolutionary technology, now they can.


Steps, stairs, distance, and calories burned cannot paint the full picture of your walking health. Details matter. Metrics like propulsion, heel impact force, pronation, and foot progression angle are just a few of the metrics(1) that only Baliston tech-augmented footwear can measure. What’s more, metrics about movement done with your feet are always more accurately measured at the foot versus at the wrist.

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Brain power at its best

The brains of our tech-augmented footwear:

Up to two weeks of battery life and less than two hours to recharge

Includes sensors that measure both linear and rotational motion in 3D

Analyze motion every second using AI-based algorithms, refined in clinical settings, to measure more than 30 different movements and metrics(1) - the majority of which cannot be measured by a smart watch or smart ring.


Showing more than just activity tracking data, Baliston Connect™ offers a suite of personalized analyses, helping you understand how you walk and the implications. Watch your Walking Quality Score(1) throughout the day to see where you can start to improve and see what times during the day, week, or month you have performed best.


Within the first week of wearing your new shoes, you’ll receive a Personal Gait Scan that explains each of the components of your walking DNA in detail. It provides specific and actionable recommendations about how you can walk better to improve your health.

Over time, you will unlock other analytical reports that will help you understand even more about how you walk, implications to your health, and how you can improve.


Baliston Connect has reports showing your metrics over a day, a week, a month and a year so you can track your progress. In addition, each week, month, and year you will receive reports that compare your progress showing your improvement or areas that you need to pay attention to.

Personalized Support

When the sensor modules in your shoes detect that your insoles need to be replaced, we're able to recommend a comfort insole fitted specifically for the way you walk. These insoles will enable you to experience the ultimate in personalized support.

Baliston+ members receive this insole at no additional cost! For Baliston+ members, each new pair of shoes will come with these chosen insoles. Like with our shoes, we recycle every pair of insoles at no additional cost to you.


Helping you walk more and walk better is just the beginning for Baliston. By capturing biometric data straight from your feet, the opportunity to offer more personalized insights, recommendations, features, experiences, and even warnings about negative trends, even beyond walking, is just ahead of us. Join us on the journey!

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