The spirit of Baliston+ is a membership - you walk, we care.

This is not your average membership.Embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort, data-driven insights, and sustainable practices with Baliston+. 

The Pinnacle of Personalized Footwear

Baliston+ is more than a subscription – it's a commitment to your walking health and comfort. 
Our advanced technology captures detailed biomechanical data to understand your unique walking patterns. This data informs our recommendations for fitted insoles that are crafted for your personal comfort and to reduce the risk of injury, and minimize fatigue.
For our Baliston+ members, these personalized insoles come at no additional cost.

Continuous Comfort with Proactive Shoe Replacement

With Baliston+, enjoy the privilege of unlimited eligibility for shoe replacements. Our smart monitoring keeps track of your footwear's condition, alerting you at the perfect moment for an update. This means you're always equipped with the most comfortable, high-performing shoes. For Baliston+ members, this endless cycle of renewal comes at no extra charge, ensuring your footwear is perpetually fresh and your comfort is continuously maximized.


Baliston+ is a $250 membership for an active lifestyle.

One pair of limited-edition tech augmented shoes, timelessly designed for ultimate comfort.
Collection and recycling of your shoes and insoles (Free)
Sensor modules using AI-based algorithms to measure more than 30 different metrics.
Fitted comfort insoles ($50 value) tailored to the way you walk
An ever-evolving Baliston Connect™ app including new features and services.
Shoe and fitted insole replacements (Free) when the sensor modules indicate they are worn-out
Purchase includes Baliston
One pair of tech-augmented shoes
Sensor modules
Baliston Connect™ app
Collection and Recycling service
Annual Membership
Fitted comfort insoles ($50 value)
Unlimited eligibility for shoe replacement

In Conclusion

the more you walk, the more you gain

Think about it, if you follow our recommendations and walk more than 7,500 steps per day in our shoes, you could be eligible for replacements in less than 6 months!
That’s two pairs of shoes per year for $250.

When it comes time to order your replacement shoes, you even have the flexibility to change styles and colors!

Oh, and don’t forget you also get comfort fitted insoles ($50 value), chosen for you based on your unique walking DNA.

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