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Baliston is on a mission to bring advanced biomechanical technology to footwear, while taking sustainability to a whole new level.

our mission

Baliston's mission is to build tech-augmented footwear that enhances the quality of life through a fully circular and sustainable process, from a shoe's initial design to its end of life.


Baliston was founded in 2021 by footwear, biomechanics, and design experts to deliver a new footwear experience that starts and ends with circularity - a process that starts with a sustainable design and ends with Baliston collecting and properly recycling every single pair of shoes produced.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Baliston also has offices in Kansas City, assembly and warehousing in Denver, and an international team in France and Luxembourg.

Our Team

Karim Oumnia

Founder and CEO

Malik Issolah

Co-Founder and President

Phil McClendon

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Christopher Proulx

Director of Clinical Application and Movement Science

Denis Martin-Bruillot

Director, Software Engineering

François Coulongeat

Senior Manager, Biomechanical Engineering

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