The most comfortable shoe is the one that is adapted to the way you walk.

Where each step is a journey in unmatched comfort, personalized to your walk and respectful to our planet. Step into a world where your shoes do more than just fit; they understand and adapt to you.

fitTED FOR the way you walk

Our advanced biometric technology captures intricate details about your gait, allowing us to recommend comfort-fitted insoles that are tailored to how you move.

These fitted insoles not only provide unmatched comfort but also play a crucial role in reducing fatigue, alleviating pain, and preventing potential injuries.

For our Baliston+ members, these personalized insoles come at no additional cost.


Baliston shoes are not your ordinary shoes.

Embedded with advanced sensors, they actively monitor your walking, offering valuable insights into your gait dynamics.

This continuous feedback loop not only enhances your comfort with the recommended insole, but also provides insightful observations and personalized recommendations about how to walk healthier and be more comfortable while you walk. Additionally, the embedded sensors alert you when it's time to replace your shoes, ensuring lasting comfort and optimal performance.


Thanks to years of research and development, we sourced bio-based materials for the Baliston by Starck collection that fit our sustainability goals and harmoniously form an all-day comfortable experience.

Castor bean yarn, sugarcane Green EVA, and organic cotton create highly breathable and lightweight footwear with double-density cushioning, while natural rubber inserts in the outsoles provide durable traction.