The most comfortable shoe is the one that is adapted to the way you walk.

Starting with a foundation of lightweight, breathable, and high-quality bio-based materials, Baliston ushers in the next era of comfort, by using advanced AI gait-analysis technology to recommend a fitted insole designed to the support the way you walk. Baliston+ members receive this insole at no additional cost!


Thanks to years of research and development, we sourced bio-based materials that fit our sustainability goals and harmoniously form an all-day comfortable experience. Castor bean yarn, sugarcane Green EVA, and organic cotton create highly breathable lightweight footwear with double-density cushioning, while natural rubber beneath the outsoles enhances your grip. 

fitTED FOR the way you walk 

Comfort fitted insoles will be recommended based on the advanced biometrics Baliston's technology is able to capture. These custom insoles support with ultimate comfort, reduce fatigue, pain, and prevent injury. Your shoes finally adapt to you. Baliston+ members receive this insole at no additional cost!