LAS VEGAS, January 04, 2024. Innovative footwear brand Baliston® presents Baliston by STARCK, its debut collection of tech-augmented, and personalized footwear created in collaboration with world-renowned creator Philippe Starck. Baliston shoes represent a new era for footwear, integrating cutting-edge technology based on a deep understanding of biomechanics and clinical expertise.


Today, walking is often considered our “sixth vital sign,” and sedentary lifestyle and mobility disorders are on the rise. Until now, our feet have been an untapped source of information about our health. Baliston by STARCK shoes and the Baliston Connect™ companion app change this. Baliston’s tech-augmented shoes are the first to capture more than 30 different biomechanical metrics from the wearer’s feet and transform that data in the Baliston Connect app into insightful observations and actionable recommendations on how to improve both their walking health and quality of life. 


Baliston believes that the value of having shoes personalized to how people walk lies in their profound impact on overall health and comfort. Each person's gait is as unique as their fingerprint, and standard footwear often fails to address individual biomechanical needs.

Baliston’s proprietary sensor modules embedded within the tech-augmented shoes measure biomechanical data on the quality of posture and walk (symmetry, pronation, supination, propulsion, heel impact force, etc.) and the intensity of the physical activity (speed, number of steps, stairs climbed). Powered by AI, the modules then provide insights into the wearer’s walking DNA, going well beyond what any wearable can achieve. The technology, trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide for treating mobility disorders and improving joint strain and postural imbalances, is now available to consumers with Baliston’s shoes. In the Baliston Connect app, this information is transformed into a suite of personalized analyses and recommendations, helping the wearer understand their body, how it moves, and the implications of incorrect movements.

Leveraging its advanced gait-analysis technology, these shoes are tailored to each individual's unique walking style because Baliston will recommend fitted insoles designed to provide support based on the wearer's specific walking DNA. This innovation marks a significant advancement in the footwear industry, setting a new standard in personalized comfort and support.

Personalization goes beyond comfort; it enhances the wearer's quality of life. Baliston’s shoes work in harmony with the wearer’s body, promoting better posture, more efficient movement, and significantly reducing the risk of injuries, fatigue, and long-term ailments like back pain.


The Baliston by STARCK collection was also designed under the fundamental belief that sustainability is a necessity, not a luxury. The collaboration with Philippe Starck is a fusion of shared values, emphasizing minimalist design while maximizing style and comfort. Each shoe in this collection is crafted from just five bio-based materials, all 100% recyclable.

In addition to using bio-based materials, the shoe leverages its technology to monitor the deterioration of its own cushioning, allowing Baliston to collect and recycle every pair produced when the shoe is worn out.

“There are only five pieces, made with eco-materials, the best materials. When you buy anything, you have to buy for your life, for the life of your children, and the life of your grandchildren.”

“It’s real science, it’s real high-tech. Is it still a shoe? No, it’s a revolution, Baliston revolution.” - Phillippe Starck


Baliston by STARCK is just the beginning of Baliston’s plans. Over time, the Baliston sensor modules and Baliston Connect app receive software updates to incorporate new features and metrics, just like other cutting-edge smart devices.

Baliston by STARCK offers two pricing options for its innovative footwear. The first is a one-time purchase for $150, which includes the smart shoes and access to the Baliston Connect app. The second option is an annual subscription service priced at $250. This package encompasses everything in the $150 option, plus additional benefits such as comfort-fitted insoles, early access to new shoe collections, and unlimited shoe recycling and replacement services. Over time, Baliston will launch more shoe collections, giving subscribing customers exciting choices for their unlimited replacements!


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Baliston is an innovative, direct-to-consumer (DTC) startup founded by footwear, tech, and ecommerce professionals experienced in successfully bringing products to life. Baliston is based in Silicon Valley with an international team spanning France and the United States. Baliston aims to usher in a new era of footwear where a  shoe can offer personalized comfort and support while being a daily life companion that provides valuable insights and recommendations on how to move more, and better. The company also aims to reduce the impact of the footwear industry on the planet, leveraging advanced technology to create a circular supply chain. / LinkedIn @Baliston / Instagram @BalistonFootwear 


Philippe Starck, a world-famous creator with multifaceted inventiveness, is always focused on the essential, his vision: that creation, whatever form it takes, must improve the lives of as many people as possible. This philosophy has made him one of the pioneers and central figures of the concept of “democratic design”.

By employing his prolific work across all domains, from everyday products (furniture, a citrus squeezer, electric bikes, an individual wind turbine), to architecture (hotels, restaurants that aspire to be stimulating places) and naval and spatial engineering (mega yachts, habitation module for private space tourism), he continually pushes the boundaries and requirements of design, becoming one of the most visionary and renowned creators of the international contemporary scene. / Facebook @StarckOfficial / Instagram @Starck