Official Baliston® Footwear | Sustainable Smart Shoe

Baliston by Starck sustainable footwear is designed with an embedded proprietary sensor module which analyzes the way the wearer moves to provide personalized insights and recommendations that increase understanding of their body to reduce fatigue, back pain, and injury risk. Additionally, Baliston shoes analyze user’s walking DNA and provide fitted insoles that uplift their extreme comfort to a personalized experience. A one size fits one.

Baliston by Starck sustainable footwear is made from just five biobased recyclable materials and designed to monitor the deterioration of their own cushioning allowing every shoe produced by the company to be collected at the end of its life and to be 100% recycled. The goal is to ensure that Baliston shoes will not be a part of the 25 billion pairs produced every year and scrapped somewhere polluting the planet.

The brand is taking sustainability to another level where the manufacturers become responsible for what they produce - mapping the future of tech-integrated fashion. This inaugural collection of Baliston by STARCK will be limited to an exclusive 5,000 members.

Baliston by STARCK sustainable footwear will be sold as an annual subscription service, for $249.99

The benefits once the members are subscribed:


  1. A new pair of tech-augmented shoes 

  2. Access to Baliston Connect app for health insights and recommendations 

  3. Replacement and recycling of worn-out shoes when it`s time

  4. A free pair of fitted comfort insoles that will support the user`s unique way of walking and it`s replacement when it`s time


What’s more: Baliston by STARCK sustainable footwear also monitors the deterioration of their own cushioning, and members receive replacement shoes and recycling of their old shoes at no additional charge, for as long as they’re a member. Over time, the Baliston sensor modules and Baliston Connect receive software updates to incorporate new features and metrics, just like other cutting-edge smart devices.

Baliston is an innovative, direct-to-consumer (DTC) startup founded by footwear, tech, and ecommerce professionals experienced in successfully bringing products to life. Baliston is based in California with an international team spanning France, Luxembourg, and the U.S. 


Baliston aims to transform shoes from products that only cover the foot and compliment a look, to a daily life companion that provides valuable insights and recommendations to their users.


The company also aims to reduce the impact of the footwear industry on the planet, using positive technology and a circular business model to achieve it.