The spirit of our subscription is - you walk, we care.

This is not your average subscription. We want you to move more; the more you walk, the more you gain! Make us replace and recycle your shoes.

Stop wearing shoes that are worn out and make your body hurt. Baliston's tech-augmented shoes know when they need to be replaced.
Our vision ensures that each step you take is a step towards a sustainable future, recycling your old shoes and sending you new ones at no additional cost.

Don't worry, don't pay us for the second year unless you love our experience. We will recycle your shoes regardless.


In a nutshell, you are subscribing to an active lifestyle for $249.99.

One pair of tech-augmented shoes, replaced Free of charge when they wear out
Ability to add more shoes to your subscription for only $199.99 per pair
An ever-evolving Baliston Connect™ app, including new features and services
Fitted comfort insoles ($50 value), replaced Free of charge when they wear out
AI-based analysis of your unique walking DNA plus improvement guidance
Collecting and recycling service at no additional cost


Think about it, if you follow our recommendations and walk more than 7,500 steps per day in our shoes, you could be eligible for replacements in less than 6 months!

That’s two pairs of shoes per year for $249.99.

Maybe 7,500 steps per day is a bit too much for you. Don’t worry, walking 3,000 per day in our shoes, you could still be eligible for replacements in less than 12 months.

If you walk even less (and we do not recommend this), opt out of your subscription and enjoy the Baliston Connect app with your shoes until they are ready to be recycled.

Oh, and don’t forget you also get comfort fitted insoles ($50 value), chosen for you based on your unique walking DNA.

We will replace and recycle those when they wear out too.

The Baliston experience is personalized, the subscription is limited to one single user.

That right moment to replace a pair of shoes or insoles will be different for each user based on their personalized data like usage, gait pattern, weight and more.

When it comes time to order your replacement shoes, you even have the flexibility to change styles and colors!

Move more and move
better in Baliston.