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Baliston by STARCK is the first collection of tech-augmented shoes to capture biometric data straight from your feet, offering you a personalized comfort experience as well as an eco-system of features and applications.


Upper Materials: Soft Breathable Castor Bean Yarn

Module Battery Life: Up to Two Weeks per Charge

Insole Materials:Organic Cotton & Sugarcane Green EVA

Weight: 10 oz.

Lower Materials:Anti-Slip Natural Rubber

“Baliston is transforming the everyday shoe into an experience with its newest innovation: Baliston by Starck.”  - People

“With a project like Baliston, for the first time I feel I can become useful because this is perhaps the most virtuous proposal I have ever had because everything is good and made by people incredibly smarter than I, and people who are very honest and rigorous,” says Starck.- Forbes

“Starting with recyclability in mind at the beginning of the design process meant that the team was able to end up with a circular shoe.”- Fast Company

“Put simply, this has been a different shoe experience from the moment I received them. - GreenBiz

“Technology is the tool to improve sustainability,” - Karim Oumnia

“When you put on a new pair of sneakers designed by Philippe Starck, the shoes will start tracking how you walk.” - Fast Company

“I tested a pair for myself, and I’ll never view a simple walk in the same way ever again.” - Muscle and Fitness

“These STARCK sneakers are sustainable and smart”.  - Popular Science

“Using biomechanics, Baliston aims to provide shoe design primarily focused on people’s needs rather than the trend and fashion”. - DesignWanted

“Baliston by STARCK is all about figuring out how to quantify and improve your stride while also improving your style!”.  - Gear Diary


The spirit of Baliston+ is a membership - you walk, we care.

This is not your average membership. We want you to move more. The more you walk, the more you gain! Make us replace and recycle your shoes.

Don’t worry, don’t pay us for the second year unless you love our experience. We will recycle your shoes regardless.

Purchase includes Baliston
One pair of tech-augmented shoes Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket
Sensor modules Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket
Baliston Connect™ app. Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket
Collection and Recycling service Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket
Annual Membership Girl in a jacket
Fitted comfort insoles ($50 value) Girl in a jacket
Unlimited eligibility for shoe replacement Girl in a jacket
Upgrading to Baliston+ includes:
Fitted comfort insoles ($50 value), designed to support you with ultimate comfort, reduce fatigue, pain, and prevent injury.

Your shoes finally adapt to you.
Unlimited eligibility for shoe replacement: If you follow our recommendations and walk more than 7,500 steps per day in our shoes, you could be eligible for replacements in less than 6 months!

That’s two pairs of shoes per year for $250!


Minimal, stylish design, augmented with cutting-edge technology.  


Experience shoes that are adapted to the way you walk.


Insightful gait analysis plus new features and services added over time.


Built to be recycled and repurposed for new shoes in the future.