Designed for the planet

The Challenge

There are more than 25 billion pairs of shoes sold each year, and most end as landfill waste.

Baliston is taking responsibility to another level where the manufacturers become responsible for what they produce - mapping the future of tech-integrated fashion.
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It Starts and Ends with Circularity

We're reinventing footwear, designing our shoes with circularity in mind. We're taking responsibility a step beyond by providing our customers an easy means to return their shoes - ensuring that they're responsibly and consistently recycled.


While some companies admirably use recycled materials, we don't stop there. We believe our impact on the planet goes until the end of life of our products. Our shoes are made from just five bio-based recyclable materials and designed to monitor the deterioration of their own cushioning, allowing Baliston to collect and recycle every single pair produced.

Made to be Recycled

Other shoes, even if they’re made with recycled components, are typically built with 15 to 20 materials, including glues that are often toxic.

Baliston shoes use only five bio-based materials, making them easier to disassemble while simplifying the recycling process. Our shoes will not pollute the planet.

How Recycling Works

For Baliston+ members, simply request a replacement pair of shoes when your shoe's cushioning drops under 20%. We'll send you the new pair, along with prepaid mailing instructions. For Baliston customers, reach out to our Customer Support team when you are ready to recycle our shoes and we'll send you the same prepaid mailing instructions.